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Bringing accounting and taxation services to the local community

Be free to do what you love.

At Hall Accounting Fort Worth Tx we want to free you up to do what you love. This is why our team is dedicated to providing both businesses and individuals with accounting and tax services that will free up your time and resources.

For our business clients, we’ll help you with key growth indicators such as tax planning strategies, financial planning, CFO services and cash flow forecasting so that you can make important decisions quickly.

For our individual clients, we've got your tax preparation and personal financial planning needs covered.

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Business Services

As certified public accountants, we can provide you with services that will minimize the time you spend on payroll, bookkeeping, data-capturing of entries, and reconciliation of accounts. We provide this efficiency with the use of best-in-class accounting software, allowing automation of your workflow and increasing the accuracy of your accounting system.

  • Accounting Services

    Bookkeeping functions

    Bank Reconciliations

    Accounting and Advisory Services

    Payroll Services

    Financial Consulting Services

    Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Reports

    Software Advisory Services

    Quickbooks Services

    Accounts Payable and Receivable

  • CFO Services

    Financial Statement preparation and analyses

    General Ledger Accounting

    Month-end Closings

    Cash Flow Management

    Flag suspicious/fraudulent financial transactions

    Industry-focused wealth advisory

    Nonprofit organizations taxes

    Act as a direct contact for your customers, employees, vendors and owners

    Preparation of business plans

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a headshot of Jeremy Hall, owner and operator of Hall Accounting a headshot of Jeremy Hall, owner and operator of Hall Accounting

A word from Jeremy Hall

Many accounting firms in Fort Worth, tx will compete for your attention and business. I know this.

Running a local accounting firm has prepared me for what it takes to own and grow a business. So, not only can my firm provide you with services that will make a difference to your accounting function, but I know how to run a business and make it a success. This knowledge will be carried over to you.

As a full-service accounting firm, we’ve spent time in the trenches with our sleeves rolled up. We know how to work hard and how to succeed. That’s the kind of firm you want to support your business.

When you work with us you can expect the following:

  • Financial knowledge and assistance that will save you time and money as you hand over day-to-day accounting tasks to my team

  • A concentrated effort to provide you with current and forecasted information concerning your cash flow

  • Regular financial reports, that can be used immediately to make important decisions

  • A fully qualified certified public accountant working on your financials

  • Tax compliance

  • Quality tax advice to individuals, taking the stress out of tax returns

  • Support for a wide range of business-related challenges including IRS problems

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Individual Services

Getting ahead with your tax obligations is a top priority for most people. We help you to navigate through tax laws and tax liability, giving you peace of mind about your IRS commitments. We also provide you with financial planning advice that will help you take care of your future.

  • Tax Planning

    Proactive Tax Management Strategies

    Identify tax-saving opportunities

    Minimize present and future tax liabilities

  • Tax Preparation

    Timely Tax Preparation

    Tax Returns

    IRS Audit Services

    Consultation with IRS agent

    Compliance with state tax regulation

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Perhaps you need some advice or are looking for more information about us. We believe you can find it in this section, but if not, have a look at our blog.

1. Do you provide individual tax services in Fort Worth, tx?

Yes. Our team is fully qualified to provide you with taxation advice and planning. We do tax form submissions as well as IRS representation. Learn more about individual taxation services here.

2. Why do you do business in the Forth Worth, tx area?

The Fort Worth metroplex is home to over 20 headquarters of top US companies. This makes Fort Worth the state with the highest concentration of corporate HQs in the USA.

The business opportunities are endless with a profile like this. Fort Worth has an interesting mix of industries that we want to support. Aviation, energy, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and telecoms - it’s an impressive list.

We also like the vibe. There is a rich history related to the Texas Longhorn cattle trade and it’s one of the fastest growing cities in the States. We can appreciate that Fort Worth is a good place to set up shop. More than this, we would like to play our part in the local small business community.

3. I’m concerned that my current software will not be compatible with your solutions. What do you use?

We are partnered with QuickBooks, Xero, Gusto,, Expensify and Shopify, to name a few. If you have a specific software requirement, you can speak to us directly. Many cloud-based platforms can integrate with current accounting software.

4. How can I sign up for your accounting services?

You can contact us directly. We like to find out what our prospective clients are all about and what needs you have before we do business. We strive to provide personalized service because our customers are from different industries. So, it would be best to speak to us about what you need.

5. In which areas do you offer your services?

Our main hub is in Dallas. But we also offer our services in Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio and surrounds. We do most of our consultations online since technology has made this the more efficient method, but do not hesitate to request a face-to-face meeting with us.

6. Do you take on clients in other states?

Technology is providing a way for us to have clients anywhere. As long as there are no technological and legislative constraints, we can provide you with the same high-quality services as our local clients.

7. What can I expect to pay for your services?

Our handy cost calculator can provide you with an estimate of the monthly costs. However, please contact us directly to discuss your needs.

8. What industries are your current clients in?

We have clients in the construction, marketing, consulting, energy, retail and insurance industries to name a few.

9. What tax deductions do small businesses have?

It can be tough for small businesses to recognize which tax deductions apply to their business. You might forget a particular advertising expense or fail to record an interest expense and with that goes away your chance of saving on the tax bill. With some accounting help, you can put this burden at bay.

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