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Crafting E-commerce Business Name Ideas for Your Online Business

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  2. Crafting E-commerce Business Name Ideas for Your Online Business
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A catchy business name could be the difference between success and failure in the world of e-commerce business.

Not only does it shape your brand and create a powerful first impression, but it also helps shape your brand identity.

So, if you want to create a business or brand name for your e-commerce business, you should choose one that’s memorable, unique, and conveys value to the customer.

Here are some e-commerce business name ideas to help you come up with a well-thought-out business name for your online business.

After choosing the business name, evaluate it by testing it with real users from your target audience. Let’s get started.

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The Importance Of a Brand Name For Your Ecommerce Business

Marketing Efficiency

The brand name for your e-commerce business can have a significant impact on the way people perceive your brand and your business’ success in advertisement, marketing, and profitability.

A strong brand can help you in your marketing efforts. If it’s well-known, it becomes more cost-effective and easier to market new products and services because the brand has a reputation for leveraging an established customer base.

Helps You Stand Out

Your brand name will help you stand out in a highly competitive e-commerce market. It helps you build a unique personality that buyers can identify with and relate to.

A strong brand name helps build a loyal consumer base that returns to you time and time again.

Builds Trust and Credibility

Another reason why a brand name is important for your e-commerce business is it helps you build trust and credibility with buyers. People are more likely to buy from you if they recognize and trust your brand.


A well-establish brand reduces the perceived risk linked with online shopping, such as reliability, fraud, and security.

A good brand name is likewise a good opportunity for your business to inform customers who you are and what your beliefs are. So, as much as possible, be open about what your e-commerce business represents.

Protects You From Competitors

Branding protects your business from competitors who want to share your success. Without branding, competitors can easily clone what you made famous and claim ownership over it.

With branding, they can carry similar products but won’t take your originality and style. It’s because your brand is something your customers will come to know.

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Recent Trends in E-commerce Business Names

Short business names comprising made-up words are the trend nowadays. A lot of startups have only about four to six characters in their business names.

Moreover, there are businesses that are turning to generic words, which are easy to remember but can be unrelated to the business.

How to Choose the Right Name for Your Online Business

There are various ways to name your online business. You can come up with a name by yourself, with the help of the members of your business, hire a company naming agency, or take inspiration from suggestions online.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Ensure your business name will stand out from the competition and is unique.

  • Choose a business name that’s easy to pronounce and remember

  • Ensure that the name is relevant to your products, services, or audience.

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Top Business Name Ideas for Your Online Business

1. Online Go

This is one of the most clever e-commerce store names for express deliveries because it’s easy to remember and key in. It’s also super easy to pronounce, making it easier for your existing customers to share their friends about it.

2. Open In

This business name isn’t only easy to search for; it even translates well in different languages. Plus, it’s simple and easy for your future customers to search for your products or service.

If you think of the famous e-commerce company names in the world – Amazon, Shopify, Zapoos – as an example, you’ll notice that they have very simple business names.

3. The Flip

It’s a business name that’s not too “out there.” Rather, it is unique. It doesn’t sound like many of your competitors in the e-commerce industry, but it can set your business apart. Use it for home renovation supplies that you can buy online as one example.

4. Make Me Blush

This one is authentic because you can use it for blush products that are customized to the skin tone of the customer. But, of course, ensure that it’s a name that represents your company’s vision and values.

It doesn’t describe what you do, but it gives your clients a sense of who you are, providing insights about your brand’s personality and what makes you unique from your competitors.

5. Her Best Side

Choosing this as your business name is a great way to convey meaning or your unique value proposition. Use this name to promote women's beauty products or a clothing line

Although it may be a challenge to convey personality and storytelling in a brand name, doing so like this example

6. Fruitful Deal

This is one of the best e-commerce business names if you’re looking for one that’s SEO-friendly. It uses relevant keywords in the name that will help improve the search engine visibility of your e-commerce store. Use it for a fresh food online shop or a smoothie business.

7. Shopsy

Consider this e-commerce business name if you prefer something brandable. It can be easily adapted for marketing materials and logos, plus it provides you with branding opportunities.

8. Wish Done

This is the kind of business name that will nicely grace your e-commerce company logo, social media accounts, e-commerce website, and marketing collateral. Not only does it sound pleasing when spoken, but it can also create a logo that’s visually appealing. If you want to create a marketplace where people can gift each other products off a wish list, this is the name for you.

9. Major Basket

Choose this easy-to-write business name for your online store. Even when you say it aloud, it doesn’t feel ambiguous at all and can be relevant to your target audience. It’s fresh and short too.

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10. Market Jet

Another trendy e-commerce business name is Market Jet. It’s brandable and unique. Of course, choose it only if it defines your product or service or what our store stands for.

11. Change Keeper

When it comes to naming an e-commerce business, keeping them short and sweet is ideal. And the brand name Change Keeper is a good example. It’s easy to remember and easy to spell too.

12. Wondrous Wears

This is a great example of an e-commerce business name that uses alliteration or the occurrence of the same sounds or letters at the start or adjacent or connected words. It’s memorable and stands out to your potential customers.

13. My Japanese Corner

Some of the most memorable ecommerce store names represent emotions and this is one of them. It can help you easily connect with your audience and provide them with a clue about your business’ tone.

14. Farm to Shelf

This is one of the best e-commerce business names for agriculture or farming-related online business. But just make sure it’s still available, and you’ll have full legal rights to it should you decide to register it in your locality or country.

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Courtesy: Pexels/ Andrea Piacquadio

15. KPop Stans Unite

Are you planning to start, or you’ve already started a Kpop store? If so, then you can make use of the memorable e-commerce store name above.

It’s something the customers can value because the name itself is suggestive of what you’re offering and creates an immediate emotional connection to your target audience. And as you know, about 95% of all sales are done subconsciously.

Having a business name that can create an emotional response to your potential customers is, therefore, a good idea.

16. Virtual Ventures

You can also use this e-commerce business name that’s creative for your company. The words combined give a positive meaning to your business and something that won’t limit your firm in the long run. It means that it is good today and won’t quickly be outdated.

17. Swift Sales

When shortlisting your e-commerce store name ideas, you can include this business name as long as it matches your mission statement and your target audience.

18. Online Offerings

This has the quality of a sticky name that will make your business stick in the minds of your potential customers. First, it is suggestive such that it evokes something about your brand, and it is memorable, too, rooted in the familiar.

19. Easy Electronics

You can see how this e-commerce business name is catchy, memorable, and easily pronounceable. It makes your brand legitimate and automatically suggests your company’s niche with the word electronics there.

20. Global Gadgets

This is a handy name for an online store selling gadgets. It is catchy, and sure to capture your target audience’s attention. You may also consider adding phrases or terms related to electronics, such as “power,” “circuits,” “wires,” etc.

Other e-Commerce Business Names

Here are other trendy and catchy e-commerce business names that you can use to be a standout player in your industry

  • Shop Around

  • One Pickup

  • One Shot

  • For All

  • Online Empire

  • E Zone

  • Lex Trade

  • Global Bazaar

  • Shop Simple

  • Reliable Retail

  • Smart Sellers

  • Double Shop

  • Digital Delights

  • Valley View

  • Traders Connect

  • Brandistic

  • The Vintage Market

  • Secure Solutions

  • Creative Curations

  • Tech Traders

  • Instant Innovators

  • Sunshine West

  • Modern Merchants

  • Classy Collections

  • Buy Better

  • Virtual Ventures

  • Save and Shop

  • Global Goods

  • Easy Exchanges

Use Free Business Name Generator

If your to-do list is a bit overwhelming and you want to work as efficiently as possible, you may want to work smart and use a free business name generator.

To help you find that ideal moniker, we compiled some business name generator tools you can use to get your e-commerce store on the right foot. Consider brainstorming strategies or suggestions to create a catchy and meaningful business name.

1. Oberlo


This is a free resource where you only have to enter a word you want to add to your business name, and the tool will provide you with creative options.

2. Shopify


Enter a keyword in Shopify’s business name generator, and you can automatically browse thousands of name ideas. You can find different brand names based on industries, like flowers, clothing, crafts, jewelry, and fashion.

3. Name Mesh


This platform also requires you to input specific keywords, and it will recommend domains according to your choices.

4. Anadea


Here you can browse different suggestions to inspire your e-commerce business. It’s a free tool that combines a keyword or topic with modifiers or other words.

5. Freshbooks


This is an interactive way of generating e-commerce business name ideas. The moment you click “Let’s Get Started” and choose your industry, you’ll be prompted to include the keywords you want to add to your business name.

6. Namelix


Scroll through relevant ecommerce business names in Namelix’s database. This tool uses artificial intelligence to provide you not just with e-commerce business names but also with logo design ideas.

It uses similar words in generating ideas and will inform you of an available domain for sale.

7. Namesmith


Discover other e-commerce business names from Namesmith. Here, you can add up to five keywords to a business name, and its algorithm will construct a blend of words based on those keywords.

It masses your chosen words to create a unique business name. You may also explore random names and click “Just Generate Some Random Names, Please!”


Website: https://businessnamegenerator....

This is another interesting tool to use when looking for trending business names. This is also AI-powered, which automates the naming process and generates business name ideas in seconds.

9. Getsocio


This free business name generator gives you thousands of suggestions with domain availability. A downside, though, is you don’t get the standard .com domain, but a

10. Hipster Business Names

Website: http://www.hipsterbusiness.nam...

Click through random cool e-commerce business name ideas in this platform. Simply click “Refresh,” and it will generate the names for you. This is one of the most creative business name generators you’ll find online.

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Register Your Business Name

After choosing a business name for your online business, it’s important to register it to obtain a legal existence different or separate from its owners, officers, or directors.

Why Conduct a Competitor Analysis in Naming?

Looking at your competitor’s business naming strategies provides you with ideas about what works in your industry. So, pay close attention to business names that gained a positive public response, clearly communicate what the industry or business provides, and stand.

For example, if your competitor e-commerce stores use simple but descriptive names, like “Bellezza,” “Mirage Cosmetics,” or “Glam Goddess,” which are well-received among customers, it may be worth considering naming your own e-commerce store in such a straightforward way.

Remember, it’s all about memorability, pronounceability, simplicity, uniqueness, and relevance.

SEO Considerations When Choosing an eCommerce Business Name

The way you name your company is important for search engine optimization and marketing, especially if yours is an e-commerce business.

People will interpret your brand messaging, and search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Naver take their cues from the words used in your business name.

So, as much as possible, avoid a business name that’s crowded. You can search in Google, Yellow Page, or Yelp to determine if your potential e-commerce business name is crowded.

Consider also the advice from SemRush, Search Engine Land, and MOZ whenever you have a question about SEO.

Here are some tips for creating an SEO-friendly business name:

Do Your Research

It’s 2023, and you’ll be hard-pressed to choose a completely unique e-commerce business name. But don’t worry. You can quickly enter your target business name in search engines, like Google, and see the results you get for it.

If there’s a lot, then it probably is. A simple tweak to your chosen business name can have a significant impact, especially later when you’ve launched your e-commerce store.

It’s worthwhile to also check social channels to ensure the business name isn’t used by others. It’d be frustrating to register your business name and purchase a domain only to find out that you can’t use that name on Twitter or Facebook.

Don’t Worry if It Doesn’t Have Keywords

While having keywords in your business name helps in ranking in the search engine, having a unique name performs better in organic search.

Developing a unique phrase, coining new words, and adopting unusual spellings are some ways to come up with names that rank fairly in search engines. You have to bear in mind, though, to consider the ease with which people will remember the unusual name or spelling.

Make it Perceivable

This tip is good not only for SEO but for practice in general. Choose a business name that people can easily spell or pronounce.

When business names are spelled the way they sound, it’s easier both for search engines and the consumer.

Bonus Tips

  • Compile a list of possible e-commerce business name ideas for your e-commerce brand.

  • Research ahead the domain availability of your choices

  • Do some research to ensure your preferred brand name isn’t used by another company

  • Build a simple e-commerce website

  • Populate your site with products, images, and descriptions

  • Market your e-commerce business and website to drive sales and traffic

  • Test your business name against your competitors or other business name options to understand user perception

Establish an Online Presence for Your eCommerce Business

Congratulations! By now, you may already have a handful of e-commerce business names you can potentially use.

The next important step you can take is to check its availability across digital platforms. It is necessary to ensure that your chosen business name is accessible in different ways:

- First, examine the availability of relevant domain names, including popular extensions like .com, .shop, and .store.

- Second, confirm if your chosen name is available on social media platforms. This is important in terms of creating key sales leads when you begin advertising.

-Third, start building a professional website or build an online store. You can build the store on your own by using e-commerce tools or avail of the e-commerce packages offered by various web hosts. You may also want to create an online store in one or more of the popular online marketplaces, such as Etsy, Walmart, eBay, or Amazon.

In Summary

The e-commerce business name you will choose will significantly impact everything in your business, from marketing to profitability. So, be creative, and don’t be afraid to mix and match your ideas.

Take inspiration from our suggestions, but be sure to make it unique because another business owner may have already selected the same, or you have a similar-sounding name that you may encounter trademark issues later.

There you go. We wish you good luck with the business naming process.

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